Hair Pigmentation

Hair pigmentation
For a Natural, Full Head of Hair.

Hair pigmentation is an innovative treatment that aims to camouflage open spaces between existing hairs, creating the illusion of a fuller head of hair. In this non-permanent procedure we use advanced techniques that are similar to tattooing, but less invasive and virtually painless.

Het proces

Our hair pigmentation treatments are divided into two to three sessions, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours. During these sessions we pigment the scalp with small, natural-looking dots. These carefully placed pigments mimic natural hair growth, creating a fuller and thicker head of hair. We strive for a result that looks natural and suits your personal wishes. Our experienced team takes into account your natural hairline, hair color and skin tone to achieve an optimal aesthetic result that integrates seamlessly with your existing hair.

Our expert approach and attention to detail contribute to increased self-confidence. With hair pigmentation you can openly enjoy a fuller head of hair without complexes or insecurities about thinning hair.

Step-by-step plan for hair pigmentation

Step 1

Consultation and planning

 At your initial consultation we will discuss your expectations, review your hair and scalp condition and determine your aesthetic goals. Our experienced team will assess your natural hairline, hair color and skin tone to create a customized treatment plan that is perfect for you.

Step 2


On the day of the treatment, the treatment area will be cleansed and anesthetized to minimize any discomfort. We take the time to select the desired pigmentation color that best suits your hair and ensure an accurate match to your natural hair pattern.

Step 3

hair Pigmentation men/women – Session 1

Using advanced pigmentation techniques, natural pigments are applied to the scalp with small needles. This is done with precision and attention to detail to create the illusion of natural hair follicles.

Step 4

Time between sessions

After the first session there is a recovery period during which the pigments settle. Depending on the desired result, several sessions can be scheduled, usually at intervals of several weeks to months, to gradually build up the pigmentation.

Step 5

Completion – Sessions 2 and 3 (if necessary)

During this session, any adjustments are made to further refine the hair pigmentation and achieve the desired density and naturalness. If desired or necessary for a fuller effect, one follows third session.

Step 6

Aftercare hair pigmentation & Follow-up

After each session we provide you with careful aftercare instructions to support the healing process. We also schedule follow-up appointments to evaluate progress, answer any questions, and ensure you are happy with the results.

Why Alpha

At Alpha Haarkliniek we stand for more than just top-quality treatments: we offer a care process in which you are central, from the first consultation until well after the treatment itself. Our goal is not only to restore your hair growth, but to guide you through this process with care, attention and expertise. Why choose Alpha Hair Clinic? Because we believe in a personal approach. Our team of experts excels in hair transplantation and has the expertise to successfully treat a wide range of hair loss problems. Most importantly, our commitment to excellent aftercare means we are there to support, advise, and reassure you so that you are not only satisfied with the outcome, but also with the journey to get there. At Alpha Haarkliniek you don't just choose a treatment, you choose a partner in your journey to self-confidence and renewed pride.

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11. May, 2024
We have now completed several PRP treatments! In addition to the good results, I am even more pleased with the method of treatment. Very customer friendly, I started the treatment feeling reassured, nice contact and very good aftercare. Every question was answered calmly and the entire process was clearly explained to me by AZ. I am happy with it and can recommend it to everyone!
26. March, 2024
I have been a returning customer at Alpha Haarkliniek for 3 years and have always been very satisfied with their service. On my first visit I was warmly welcomed and given honest advice about my hair transplant. It is clear that the employees at Alpha Haarkliniek have a lot of experience with their treatments, which gave me a lot of confidence. The clinic exudes modernity and professionalism, and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I always feel comfortable during my visits. In addition, I am also very satisfied with the PRP treatments that I undergo twice a year. All in all, I am happy that I chose Alpha Haarkliniek and I always look forward to coming back for my next treatments.
N Genco
N Genco
18. March, 2024
Nice relaxing treatment
Atari XL
Atari XL
15. March, 2024
Friendly people, been several times for a hair treatment and very satisfied.
Hakan Yalcin
Hakan Yalcin
10. March, 2024
Great treatments and great services
Mustafa Kaya
Mustafa Kaya
10. March, 2024
Completely expert team for PRP and hair transplantation.
K Matty
K Matty
4. March, 2024
I have had two hair implants done at Alpha Kiniek, one for the forehead and the second just a month ago for the crown area, I am very satisfied with the treatment & results. Thank you very much Benjamin for the good care.
3. March, 2024
Super satisfied with my hair implant and PRP treatment. Excellent results.
Hakim Esmat
Hakim Esmat
28. February, 2024
Friendly people and a professional doctor. I have had PRP and hair transplant. Nice result. Highly recommended.